What is the Average Furnace Repair Cost?

It is quite natural to worry about the cost of repairing a furnace without having any prior information about it. A fault with the furnace can lead your entire HVAC system to collapse or cause it to malfunction.

In such instances, you need a repairing service that does not just give you the best services, but does so at the right price. With the best services in furnace repair in Concord, CA in mind, let us walk you through everything you might need to know about furnace repairing and its cost.

Common Furnace Problems

The furnace may as well be considered the heart of the HVAC system. Therefore, if it happens to break down, it would make the entire system go haywire. Therefore, be on guard for the following common signs that indicate that your furnace needs a visit from experts:

  • If the furnace is not heating up well
  • If the furnace stops operating all of a sudden or does so repeatedly while it is operational
  • If the furnace is making weird noises
  • If the temperature distribution throughout the house is not balanced

How Much Does It Cost for Furnace Repair?

Repairing a furnace may depend upon what model it is or what type of system it belongs to. For instance, the average price for repairing an electric furnace maybe around $300 or less.

But for a gas furnace, the repair cost may range from $375 to $1200. The reason why it is a bit on the expensive side is that gas furnaces are more complex than electric ones. Thus, on average, furnace repair would cost around $295.

However, if we are talking about repairing or replacing different parts of the furnace, the costs may vary. For instance, for the blower motor of a furnace, the charge may vary from $150 to $1500. Similarly, for a heat exchanger, the cost may be around $100 or less if it requires a simple fix. However, for a full replacement, the price may go up to $1500.

In such a manner, each part will have a varying repair cost. It is more beneficial to consult a professional to know the actual rates and prices.

As for professional charges, HVAC repair experts usually charge around $75 per hour. However, it may vary from $50 to $150, depending on their expertise.

Tuning Up and Inspection

That was all about repairing and replacement. However, a furnace may need a visit from an expert for seasonal tuning up and inspection. For that, it can cost you about $50 to $100.

For the cleaning and inspection of the furnace, the cost is usually around $100 to $300. And for cleaning ducts, it turns out to be an additional fee of $250 to $500.

Proper inspection, repairing, and servicing of HVAC systems is not a simple matter and requires an expert team for proper execution. At Jim’s Air Systems, we believe in offering the best services at the best possible prices. As we realize what our customers need, we are willing to put our best for the satisfaction of our customers. To schedule an appointment with us today, give us a call at (925) 584-2634.