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Now that the winters are here, homeowners are dusting their furnaces back into action. During the process, you may encounter a few problems that call for a repair. Sometimes the signs are subtle but can snowball into more significant issues if ignored. A faulty furnace can have a detrimental impact on your expensive HVAC system, making it vulnerable to premature breakdown.

No one deserves to shiver in the cold, having invested in a heating unit to keep themselves warm in winters. So why hesitate to call a furnace technician to sort the problems with your heating unit? This way, you can merrily prepare for Christmas and winter breaks without having to worry about furnace breakdown.

Winters are not very brutal in Concord, but the season is hectic for the heating contractors. So if you are experiencing a problem with your furnace, no matter how insignificant, it is better to schedule a repair service now than to regret it later. Jim’s Air Systems will troubleshoot your heating system in a flash. Our NATE-certified technicians will provide you quality and speedy services.

Common Signs That Call for Furnace Repair

Being aware of commons signals that indicate a furnace problem will help contact an HVAC contractor near you at the right time. Early intervention by a heating contractor prevents the issue from accelerating. So look for these signs to determine when to seek help:

Inadequate or No Heating

If your furnace does not provide you comfort, it is underperforming. Clogged furnace filters, fault in burner assembly, damaged blower fan, and short cycling can be the issue behind this problem. Let an HVAC technician inspect your furnace to determine the exact cause.

Yellow Pilot Light

Blue pilot light indicates that combustion is happening correctly, whereas yellow light highlights incomplete combustion. The phenomenon can be a result of a dirty pilot tube.

High Heating Bills

An inefficient furnace can lead to spiraling heating bills. If there seems to be no reason for an unusual spike in your heating bills, attribute that to a faulty furnace. A heating contractor will inspect your unit to determine the causes of inefficient heating and fix them.

Some other signs you should pay attention to are:

  • Popping noises from the furnace
  • A strange odor from the furnace
  • Tripped carbon-monoxide detector

Furnace Repair or Replacement? Biggest Question Answered!

The crucial question that stares in the face during furnace repair is whether you can make do with a repair or if replacing the furnace is the only option. You can rely on our HVAC technicians for a piece of genuine advice based on your budget, requirement, and preference.

Have you been thinking of replacing your gas furnace with an electric one? Jim’s Air Systems offers electric furnace installation services as well. The products we provide are of top-notch quality and genuine. Our heating technicians can install any brand and any heating system.

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Some of our services include-

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